Risky Itzi

  • R-RATED LAUGHS: Quick, name a wine that starts with the letter “C”. If you said, “Chardonnay”, you pretty much know how to play. Risky ITZI is a super-simple to learn, and super-fast to play party game for adults. Be the first to get rid of your 5 letter cards to win.
  • WICKEDLY FUNNY: In Risky ITZI you come up with the answers and they can be as inappropriate you want. Just be careful who you play with, you can’t un-hear their unsettling answers.
  • INCLUDES: 120 unique double sided Risky ITZI clue cards, 75 double sided letter cards, and instructions for fast-paced, inappropriate, cheeky fun full of side-splitting laughter. 
  • 2 to 8 players
  • ages 17 to 107.